1948 – Born in Moscow, USSR. His father is a book-illustrator.

1962-64 – Studied painting with artist Moses Chazanov

1965-70 – Studied at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute

1970-73 – Worked in Moscow as an illustrator and designer

1974 – Immigrated to Israel

1982 – Arrived in Paris, and since then lives and works there




Bibliothèque Royale Albert I, Bruxelles

New York Public Library, New York

Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris

Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Museum of Modern Art, Haifa

Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv

Chicago State University, Chicago

MOMA, New York

Kunstverein für Rheinland und Westphalen, Düsseldorf

Morat-Institut für Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft, Freiburg im Breisgau

National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow


Private collections in Israel, USA, Europe and Russia




2019 Librairie-Galerie Artbiblio, Paris

2016 Museum of A.Achmatova, St. Petersburg (with A.Reichstein)

2014 Jane Roberts Fine Arts, Paris

2012 Jane Roberts Fine Arts, Paris

2011 Bineth Gallery, Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv

2009 Sims Reed Gallery, London

       Pop/off/art Gallery, Moscow

2008 Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv

2007 Jane Roberts Fine Arts, Paris

       Pop/off/art Gallery, Moscow

2006 Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem

2005 L’Association Philomuses, Paris

2004 Galerie Nabokov, Paris

2003 Librairie-Galerie «Art et Litterature», Paris

2002 Librairie Lardanchet, Paris 

2001 L’Association Philomuses, Paris

2000 Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem

       Centre d’Art et de Culture de la rue Broca. Espace Rachi, Paris

       «Office in Tel Aviv», Tel Aviv

1999 Haifa Museum, Museum of Art

1997 Dianne Beal Contemporary Art, Washington D.C.

1996 «The Moscow Palette» Gallery. Art-Manege 96, Moscow

1993 «Grewal-Marine S» Gallery, Paris

1992 Paesaggio Gallery, Hartford, Connecticut

1988 Schröder-Ebbers Gallery, Bersenbrück, Germany

1984 Fred Lanzenberg Gallery, Bruxelles

       James Mayor Gallery, Paris

1981 Sha’ar Zion Library, Beit-Ariela, Tel Aviv

1979 «Parkway Focus» Gallery, London

1979 Rudolf Jüdes Gallery, Burgdorf / Hannover

1977 «L’Angle aigu» Gallery, Bruxelles

1976 Avior Gallery, Tel Aviv

1975 Artists House, Jerusalem




2018 The New Library, MISP, Saint-Petersburg

2010 Born in the USSR, made in France, Paris

2009 Russian papers: Russian works on paper. BleuSquare Gallery, Paris

2008 The Power of Water, Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

2007 New Angelarium, The Moscow Museum of Modern Art

       CIGE, China International Gallery Exposition (4th Edition), Beijing. Bineth Gallery

       19th Annual Works on Paper at the 7th Regiment Armory, New York,

       Jane Roberts Fine Arts

2006 «My Parisian All-Stars», Bineth Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2005 «The Beauty in the Book», The Israel Museum, Youth Wing. Jerusalem

2003 «Paris Lives, Russian Stories: Works on Paper», The Embassy of France, Washington D.C. 

     6-éme Triennale Mondiale d’Estampes Petit Format, Chamalières, France

2000 «Different reading». Art Gallery of Kiryat Tivon, Israel

1996 Here and There; Then and Now: Contemporary Artists from the Former Soviet Union. National Jewish Museum, Washington D.C.

1995 Twenty Years of the Jerusalem Print Workshop. The Israel Museum. Jerusalem

1994 28-éme Prix International d’Art Contemporain, Monte-Carlo, Vallois Gallery, Paris

1992 Le Triomphe du trompe-l’œil», Grande Palais, Paris

1991 25-éme Prix International d’Art Contemporain, Monte-Carlo Mann Gallery, Paris

1990 Works on paper. Galerie Vieille du Temple, Paris

       «Chagall to Kitaj. Jewish Experience in 20-th Century Art».

       Barbican Art Gallery, London

1988 Künstler sehen das Weserbergland, Museum im Schloss, Bad Pyrmont, Germany

       5 russes à Toulouse, Centre Culturelle de l’Aerospatiale, Toulouse

1984 London Art Fair (James Mayor Gallery)

1984 Exhibition on Still-life, Tel Aviv Museum

1983 Gravures contemporaines, James Mayor Gallery, Paris

1981 Sarah Gilat Gallery, Jerusalem

1979 20 Jahre Unabhänginge Kunst aus der Sowjetunion, Museum Bochum, Germany

       Landscape in Israel Art, Tel Aviv

       Biennale for Young Artists, Haifa Museum of Modern Art

       30. Frankfurter Buchmesse, Frankfurt (Steintor Verlag Rudolf Jüdes Burgdorf / Hannovre)

1977 «Wash Art 77», Washington D.C.

1975 Immigrant Artists, Jerusalem

       Jerusalem Print Workshop, Jerusalem

1969,71 Book Graphics, Moscow